Patio Construction

Patio Construction


The design of a patio roof should match the architecture of the home and neighborhood. The best look is that which integrates seamlessly and appears to have been built as part of the original home design. An attached patio roof also needs to be constructed to bear its own weight, with a  minimum amount of stress on the existing roof. Some homeowners add a patio roof when they reroof their home.

Solid and open roofs each have their benefits and drawbacks. An open design will allow for better airflow, but also offers more sun. Shade screens can help by blocking the direct sun.

A patio roof should also be designed and built for maximum shade benefit. South and western exposures get more share of the sun. A low ceiling will add more shade but can feel confining. A high ceiling will add more light but less shade. An analysis during the planning stage should include the effects of the sun moving higher and lower in the sky during different seasons.


During the planning stage, a homeowner should consider the final amenities they want for the patio, such as lighting, a ceiling fan, heating system, fire pit, shade screens, a mist system, or water features. If the patio is going to be an outdoor kitchen or bar area eventually, that should be discussed during the planning stages for the patio roof.

Permits and more

Local building permits are required to build a patio roof, and most HOA’s have strict requirements for patio roofs which should be carefully consulted before building begins. Building permits ensure the structure is built to minimum building codes, which don’t always offer the maximum benefit. A contractor who has been building patio roofs for a long time will be wise to the ways of creating a patio that will provide maximum value.

Existing patio roofing

If the slab or deck already has a patio roof, but it leaks or is in disrepair, sometimes it can be repaired to a like-new condition, which can save the homeowner time and money. If the patio roof frame is in good enough shape, renovation is usually the preferable option.