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Roof Ventilation

Roof Ventilation

The key to an efficient home, is proper ventilation. Valor Roofing & Restoration Company will help you find the right ventilation system at an affordable cost. A wide variety of ventilation products are available to suit the needs of any home. Spending the extra money on ventilation will mean longer roof life, better energy efficiency, and a return on investment for years ahead.

Each home has different ventilation needs, which should be assessed and addressed prior to installing the new roof. Ventilation is a great value as it adds energy efficiency to your home, which translates into saved energy costs for the life of the roof. Without adequate ventilation, condensation can form on the coldest San Antonio days which will manifest as moisture in your attic or crawl space or insulation and has the potential to shorten the life of your roof.


Does roof ventilation really work?

Roof ventilation which is properly installed works in tandem with your insulation. However, it does need to be appropriate for the situation, which is why having an expert roofing company do the job will pay great dividends in reduced energy costs!

What is the best roof vent for a house?

It’s impossible to offer specific advice without knowing the details of a particular roof. Many roofs have intake vents such as soffit vents or drip edge vents, while exhaust vents can be ridge vents, static vents, gable vents or turbine vents. The intake and exhaust vents work in tandem to prevent excessive heat buildup in summer, and excessive condensation and moisture in winter. The size of your attic and slope of your roof also come into play in determining the type and number of roof vents.

How many maximum roof vents do I need?

The number and placement of the roof vents are determined by the size of the attic, pitch of the roof, insulation, and other factors. When installing roof vents, the expertise of a roofing professional will pay off greatly for years to come.